The best working VPN for China: Still Working in May 2020

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Nowadays more and more VPNs are blocked, and there are not many VPNs that can be used in China. Therefore, we have measured several first-line VPN merchants. According to the actual performance of each indicator, we recommend several stable ones in 2020 China. The VPN is used to reduce the risk of pits in the process of finding a VPN, and finally the methods of SSR and V2ray. Since each VPN may be blocked, this article will be updated regularly to recommend VPNs that are currently available in China.

4 stable and easy to use VPN recommendation


ExpressVPN can be said to be the industry leader. With its outstanding technical capabilities and keen insight into the wall, it has become one of the most stable VPNs in foreign countries.

Because of copyright protection, there are limits to accessing videos, music, and social media. ExpressVPN has done a lot of work in response to content restrictions and censorship, and has Chinese VPN servers in Hong Kong and other places.

If you have problems during setup and troubleshooting, you can contact the online customer service via email or live chat.

Watching youtube 1080P is stress free.

If you feel that ExpressVPN is not working well within 30, you can unconditionally refund it. This is indeed a big business style.

» PandaVPN


PandaVPN is smaller than the above, so the price is cheaper. If the budget is limited, you can choose

Regardless of any public access to the network, it will be protected by 256 bank-level encryption, ensuring that personal privacy is not snooped.

The same support for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and other common clients, the UI is very simple and generous, only need a switch button to connect to the VPN.

If you encounter any problems during use, you can contact the technician to solve

Although it is not like the refund guarantee within 30 days of ExpressVPN, if there is a problem, it will be discovered within 7 days.

» PureVPN


Focus on Netflix, if you need to watch Netflix, you may need it.

PureVPN has multiple encryption protocols that provide secure DNS mechanisms and other privacy features. There is a mechanism to protect the disconnection of the connection, in case there is a risk of data leakage after the connection is interrupted. PureVPN promises not to log the behavior log and will not share the data with any third party.

PureVPN is also equipped with VPN servers in more than 70 countries around the world, with more than 200,000 IP addresses, breaking through the regional restrictions on audio and video access, especially Netflix. Stable and fast access to resources no matter where you are.

The main detection method of the wall is to judge according to the flow fingerprint, their unique encryption protocol can circumvent the detection of the domestic wall to the utmost extent.

» Surfshark


Paying great attention to the Chinese market, China’s mirrored domain name can be opened directly without having to turn over the wall. The speed of testing in mainland China is very good, and it is also cheap in the first-line merchants.

It has servers in 70+ regions around the world, and its recent deployment is in Macau, China. Chinese support is also very friendly.

The same is the military-level encryption technology, which can realize anonymous hidden IP and DNS hiding through VPN to maximize privacy protection.

In a complex network connection, the unexpected disconnection of the network is unavoidable, and Surfshark enables efficient network switching. Switching through multiple servers also ensures privacy and anonymity.

If you encounter problems during use, you can contact their technical team and go online 24/7.

» NordVPN


NordVPN is better for audio and video, if you want to watch the video in the lock zone, you may need it.

NordVPN has military-grade encryption technology, which can effectively protect the privacy of web browsing records even in public, using wifi. It can be said that it is the safest VPN.

NordVPN supports almost all devices and allows up to 6 devices to be online at the same time. This is very conscience, and many VPN merchants only support single sign-on. Even more intimate is that even Chrome Web proxy extensions are available. NordVPN also has a strict log-free policy, automatic Kill Switch, DNS leak protection, Onion Over VPN and other functions.

As everyone knows, the biggest factor affecting VPN access speed is geographical location. NordVPN has more than 5,700 servers in 60 countries and is very fast when watching videos or downloading files.

VPN recommendation

Before choosing a VPN, I suggest that you consider the following selection criteria, or refer to the VPN ranking above, rather than blindly paying for the purchase.

Recommend a stable and reliable VPN

Nowadays, due to the tightening of domestic policies, the strength of the wall is more strict. The ordinary VPN traffic is easily seen by the wall. Once the characteristic traffic is found in a large area of ​​some IPs, this IP segment cannot be used basically. This is also the existence of the SSR. The problem, once the IP is blocked, usually requires a fee to purchase the IP. In response to the review of the Chinese network, VPN merchants need to invest a lot of development costs and operating costs, and the complexity of the wall detection is also increasing every year, so this requires the VPN merchants to have strong foundation support, in order to maintain the stability and reliability of the VPN for a long time. The VPN recommended in this article has been rigorously tested by myself, rather than other online recommendations, and I have recommended it to others if I have never used it. I usually use a few of them in my daily life. At least I have to prepare two hands to prevent the ladder from falling outside the wall.

Free VPN sounds tempting, but it really takes a lot of trouble to really use it. After all, the wool is on the sheep, and people are also making money. Then these so-called free VPNs will make money through other means, such as full-screen pop-up ads and sales of personal information. In addition, most free VPNs are basically in an unusable state, and network delays are horrendous, such as the free version of Lantern. And if you want a stable service, you still need to buy his paid version, free is just a marketing tool. First-line VPNs usually use the existing open source protocol for secondary development, and will invest in development funds to develop new over-wall technology, bypassing the wall detection as much as possible, and first-line VPN merchants usually deploy a large number of servers around the world, if it happens to happen. The server IP of a certain area is blocked, and it can also be quickly switched to a server in other areas without affecting the user’s use. Small businesses usually use the open source protocol on the market directly, and then sell it directly after installation. This open source agreement has long been included in the blacklist of the wall, and these small businesses are likely to rent only a few servers. Once the IP segment is blocked, all users will be affected.

Recommend foreign VPN merchants

Since the beginning of the past few years in China, the government has clearly stated that it is illegal for companies that are not authorized to provide VPN services. I think everyone has heard of some companies or individuals engaged in VPN sales and caught news. Therefore, it is a matter of time for domestic VPN service providers to run, but it is only a matter of time. And once the company is blocked, you will definitely hand in your VPN usage record, and you will be the key object of prevention in the future. If you are unfortunately paying an annual fee to a VPN Chinese merchant, then a refund is definitely not possible. It is illegal to use a VPN, and you can’t take legal proceedings. Foreign merchants are not subject to the supervision of Chinese laws, and there will be no investigation. It is only necessary to select well-known VPN merchants. In addition, foreign merchants usually pay more attention to the privacy of users. For example, ExpressVPN stores user data in memory, so even if the ExpressVPN server is hacked, the user’s data is also obtained, because these inputs are not stored in the disk.

There are a lot of scorpions on the Internet that use the VPN cracking version to swindle and swindle. Each VPN account is a separate key. The server can even limit the login device of each account. What’s more, the technical team of VPN is the most important indicator. The complexity of the server is unimaginable. If you retire 10,000 steps, if someone cracks it, he will not be able to use it for free. Usually, if it is not the software downloaded from the official website, most of the downloads and installations are either viruses or rogue software. The domestic software download site does not know when to start, download tens of k exe program, once installed, it will start the resident program in the background, periodically create a garbage page tour icon on the desktop, delete it will create It is really disgusting, and since then your computer has become an advertising client.

Recommend to support VPN for all terminal devices

Before choosing a VPN, it is necessary to look at whether it supports Android, iOS and other mobile operating systems, as well as tablets, computers, etc. This is also an aspect of examining the comprehensive strength of VPN merchants. Other devices are basically supported by all businesses, mainly Apple devices. After all, Apple is particularly cooperating with domestic censorship, and Cook is fast enough to be a party activist. Apple devices can’t directly search for apps on the app store in mainland China. You need to switch to the foreign apple id to download. Usually, VPN merchants provide these accounts. You can contact customer service after purchase.

Other wall posture

In fact, there are other postures to turn over the wall. The principle is the same. You only need to have a server in a foreign country. You can also buy a foreign VPS to build it. Now the mainstream is to install Shadowsocks or V2Ray. The best location for VPS is to choose US West. It is relatively stable, and the VPS of Vultr is recommended, and the line is stable and moderately priced. Shadowsocks build tutorial There is a detailed construction process, V2Ray is also relatively hot recently, similar to Shadowsocks The construction is not complicated, the official website provides a detailed construction process, and also provides client software. Of course, it is not recommended to buy some paid Shadowsocks. After all, Shadowsocks and its upgraded SSR code are open source and easy to crack. On March 25, 2020, the patent application of V2ray traffic identification method based on long-term and short-term memory network submitted by Beijing Institute of Technology is under review. Once passed, V2ray will be invalidated.

Some questions about VPN

What is VPN

What is the basic principle of VPN?

VPN is the abbreviation of English Virtual Private Network, translated as virtual private network. The VPN was originally designed to allow any two computers in the world to transmit data in an encrypted channel. It is only encrypted on the data, not on the hardware, so it is called virtual. It has therefore become a tool for overturning the review. VPN is more basic than Shadowsocks. It first virtualizes a network card through the operating system. After that, the data is encrypted by this network card. .

What is the Great Wall of China?

The Great Firewall GFW is the abbreviation of Great Firewall in English. Due to the Great Wall, it has become a “wall” on the Internet, indicating that websites that are visiting overseas are blocked. The interception method is mainly used to intercept domain name resolution by means of blacklisting. The domain name in the blacklist will be resolved to an invalid IP address, which means that the website is not available. 2) The IP address is blocked. Since most of the blocked websites use “virtual host”, once an ip is blocked, other related websites will be blocked. 3) For HTTP keyword filtering, China Great Wall will filter for certain keywords.

###What is the role of VPN?

Through the above principles of VPN and the principle of the Great Wall of Fire, after a certain understanding, you will find the benefits of using VPN. First of all, the original purpose of VPN is to secure data transmission between enterprises on an insecure network. Therefore, the data transmitted on the network is encrypted, so that we do not have to worry about being acquired by middlemen, which guarantees our privacy and security. First of all, you must ensure that the purchased VPN does not record the user’s access log, so you need to choose a merchant with good reputation. Of course, most Chinese users use VPN as a wall-over software, because the characteristics of VPN can meet the needs of the wall, and the recommended VPN above is optimized for the Great Wall, because the wall has been tested in recent years. The technology is more and more complicated, and the traffic encrypted by the common open source protocol is easy to be identified. Therefore, in order to stabilize the wall, these VPN vendors have developed some communication protocols suitable for the Chinese network environment. When browsing websites or communicating with friends on a daily basis, Don’t worry about the operator’s monitoring.

Why are most VPNs unstable?

Now the domestic censorship system is very strict. I have written a VPN recommendation to know that the articles have been deleted, not to mention the fact that the merchants selling VPNs will be severely hit. Moreover, for a normal VPN, although the message content is encrypted, the message protocol is very detectable. If some small businesses use some open source protocols, the chances of being detected by the wall will increase greatly. For first-line merchants, they have the resources to do some secondary development on existing agreements to bypass the detection of the wall.

What should I pay attention to when using VPN?

First of all, the conclusion is that the use of VPN will be punished, but the number of users using VPN in China is very great. It is impossible to punish all of them. It can only be said to kill chickens and monkeys, such as some news using VPN to be punished. Of course, it is not that the punishment is random, but the first to punish those who have browsed foreign politically sensitive websites and spread them. Therefore, when using VPN, you must remember to read-only, that is, only read information, do not spread information, civilized use VPN to overturn the wall, do not engage in illegal reactionary behavior.

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